Help Make Sudbury More Accessible

Yes, there are four seats open!.  Currently five members of the Commission on Disability are dedicated to our goals to Assess, Educate, and Assist our leaders and the entire community in fulfilling the Town’s values of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We find our work to be very rewarding as Sudbury removes barriers to full participation and dedicates resources to full inclusion.

The ADA* lights the way for Sudbury to fulfill its strong commitment to full inclusion through accessibility of facilities, programs, and services.  Members of the COD can receive Community Access Monitor training to become versed in many aspects of that 1990 landmark legislation.

The COD meets about once a month and members execute tasks between meetings.  The commission seeks Sudbury residents of any ability status to join this important work.

Please send an email to the COD to let us know of your interest at

[email protected]

or call (978) 639 – 3265 and we will walk you through the process.

   *  Americans with Disabilities Act

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