Town-wide Roadway Resurfacing Schedule & Updates

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August 31, 2018

8/31/18 (Fri): Road markings on Maynard Road. Fairbank Road and Nobscot Road have just completed pencil lines.

9/3/18 (Mon): Hudson Road, North RoadOld Sudbury Road, and Landham Road to receive thermoplastic at night.

9/4/18 (Tues.): Maynard Road, Fairbank Road and Nobscot Road to receive thermoplastic.

*weather permitting* 


August 28, 2018

Unfortunately, the stretch of inclement weather has further postponed the Roadway Resurfacing schedule. We anticipate the following:

August 29 (Wed.): Road markings to resume on Landham, Old Sudbury, Hudson and North Roads beginning Wednesday night at 9PM.

August 30 (Thurs.): Road markings will be laid out on Fairbank, Nobscot, and Maynard Road starting Thursday night.


August 15, 2018

August 18 (Sat.): Touch up on Hudson Road and complete North Road (from Great Road to the Maynard line) from 7am-3pm.


August 2, 2018 Update

DAYTIME Road Work*:
August 3 (Fri.): Landham Road milling and patchwork

August 6 (Mon.): Hudson Road rubber chipseal


NIGHTTIME Road Work**:
August 2 (Thurs.): Hudson Road crackseal 

August 3 (Fri.): Landham Road and Old Sudbury Road crackseal 

August 5 (Sun.): Landham Road and Old Sudbury Road micro surface

August 5 (Sun.): Hudson Road crackseal finish

August 6 (Mon.): Landham Road and Old Sudbury Road micro surface (second lift)

August 7 (Tues.): Hudson Road micro surface

August 8 (Wed.): Hudson Road micro surface (second lift)


*Begins at 7AM. Dates are subject to change.

**Between 8PM – 3AM. Dates are subject to change.


2018 Pavement Management Program

Sign up for notifications at


The Sudbury Public Works Department is implementing the first year of its Pavement Management Program. This year’s program, which totals approximately $1.2M, is focused on pavement preservation. The program will use industry-leading methods to assure the work is completed as efficiently as possible and that the road surface improvements last for many years.

During the process, we aim to produce the least disruption possible to drivers and residents.


  • Timeframe: Beginning July 9, 2018 and continuing throughout the summer.
  • Roadwork starts at 7:00AM and may continue into the evening hours as needed.
  • Night work will make it possible to keep roads open during the day to allow normal traffic flow. However, night work, which is performed between 8:00PM – 3:00AM, may be disruptive at times.
  • There may be times that you not have full access to your driveway.
  • Loose stones will result for 2-3 days on some roads as they “cure”. The stones will be swept and removed and the road will smooth out over time with the addition of more traffic.
  • It is crucial that vehicles and pedestrians please follow all signs and observe traffic control crew instructions to avoid damages to the road work as well as your vehicle.
  • To receive notifications regarding road work and closures, please sign up at:

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions that are out of the control of the Public Works Department including weather, equipment-related issues and other contractor commitments.   Additional work may be added or work limits may be altered as budgets and construction season allows. Thank you for your patience during this process.


Subject to Change


August 1, 2018 Update

August 2 (Thurs.): Hudson Road nighttime roadwork (8PM to 3AM)

Nighttime roadwork is scheduled along Hudson Road beginning tomorrow, Thursday, August 2, 2018. The hours will be from 8PM to 3AM. This work is being completed at night to improve efficiency in the application of the surface treatment and to expedite the curing process.


July 26, 2018 Update

July 27 (Fri.): Fairbank Road paving (7am to completion)

July 27 (Fri.): Landham Road casting adjustment (7am to completion)

July 30 (Mon.): Hudson Road, Old Sudbury Road and Landham Road patchwork

August 3 (Fri.): Hudson Road chip seal

All dates are dependent on weather, sub-contractors’ schedules and any other unforeseen issues.


July 24, 2018 Update

Plans to start this Tuesday (7/24) have been postponed due to weather. All work will be starting on Hudson Road potentially Thursday (7/26) and Landham Road potentially next week (7/30). These are the best available estimates at this time. Additional inclement weather will further slide the schedule. 


July 20, 2018 Update

July 27 (Fri.): Fairbank Road paving (weather permitting)
Preservation Work:
July 20 (Fri.): Message boards deployed

July 24-27 (Tues.-Fri.): Hudson Road (Fire Department entrance to Spruce Lane), Old Sudbury Road (Town Hall to Wayland line) and Landham Road prep work (milling out poor sections of roadway & repaving) (3-4 days)

July 30 – August 1 (Mon.-Wed.): Structure adjustment to follow (2-3 days)

August 1 (Wed.): Chip seal portion on Hudson Road (7am to completion)

August 5-6 (Sun.-Mon.): Micro Surface portion of Hudson Rd (8pm to completion)

August 7-8 (Tues.- Wed.): Micro Surface Landham Road, Old Sudbury Road and North Road (Maynard town line  to Great Road) (7am to completion)

July 29 – August 9 (Sun.-Thurs.): Cracksealing 8pm-3:30am (estimated 10 nights)

The Preservation Work (resurfacing) is a fast-moving operation that will leave small sections of ground asphalt (milled) open until the end of the day when they are paved.

Micro surfacing and cape sealing (Phase 2) are extremely fast-moving operations, but they will cause major disruptions during the application process. Patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as we work to improve our roads as efficiently as possible with the highest quality result.

All dates are dependent on weather, sub-contractors’ schedules and any other unforeseen issues


July 18, 2018 Update

1) July 19: Paving Nobscot Road (Route 20 to Dudley Road)

2) July 20: Paving Maynard Road (Fairbank Rd to Wyman Drive)

3) Fairbank Road:

  • All of the new ADA ramps will be poured on Thursday 7/19 and Saturday 7/21.
  • Crews will be in to cut back and tie in new asphalt to each ramp.
  • No date yet available for paving on Fairbank Road due to pending weather next week.


July 10, 2018 Update

1) July 9, 10 and 11: Milling of Fairbank Road, Maynard Road (Maynard Road is for the Water district), then moving to Nobscot Road. 

2) Week of July 16: Work on handicap ramps and structures (approx. 2 weeks of work).                                           

3) Week of July 30 – TENTATIVE: Final paving upon completion of ramps.


Work will start at 7AM and may continue into the evening hours. 

All dates are dependent on weather, sub-contractors’ schedules and any other unforeseen issues. 


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