Plow Operator Shortage to Impact Snow Removal Operations

Similar to many other communities throughout the Commonwealth, the Town of Sudbury Public Works Department is facing plow operator shortages. With the transmission of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 spreading rapidly through the State, the Public Works Department is also experiencing an increase in cases causing additional staffing shortages. Combining the shortage in plow operators with COVID-related sicknesses, we are witnessing critically low staffing levels within the Department. 

We request the citizens of Sudbury to have patience and understand the challenges we are experiencing. We realize our winter maintenance performance greatly impacts your lives, therefore, we implore everyone to stay off the roads if you can. If you absolutely have to drive during this storm, please take extra caution and have patience through this winter storm and following season. We will concentrate our efforts on maintaining the roadways, however, expect significant delays in clearing and treating of municipal parking lots and walkways.  

If you or someone you know has a truck with a plow and is interested in plowing for the Town, please contact the Public Works Department at (978) 440-5421 or