2023 Town-Wide Roadway Preservation Begins May 30th, 2023.

2023 Town-Wide Roadway Preservation Beginning Tuesday May 30th, 2023.
Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions that are out of the control of the Public Works Department including weather, equipment-related issues and other contractor commitments. Additional work may be added or work limits may be altered as budgets and construction season allows. Thank you for your patience during this process.


May be an image of blueprint and text that says 'Road Micro Sealing Beginning 5/30/23 Carding Mill Rd Framingham Line Rt.20 End Dead End Rt.20 Rt.20 Bigelow Rd. Fairbank Rd. Dead Ridge Dutton Mill Rd Bigelow d Bowditch Rd Carding Mill Elderberry Circle Hemlock Hunt Magnolia McLean rive Way Lane Raynor Ridge Southwest Circle Spiller Circle Sycamore Rd Rd Dead End Dead Rites Moore Morse eakham Rd McLean Or Magnolia Rd t.20 Cudworth Dead Hunt End Dead End Poplar Rd Mariboro Line Wilson Winsor Woodberry Rd Lancatser Rd St Singletary Dead'