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2024 Town-Wide Paving and Resurfacing Program


June 12, 2024

| Department of Public Works

The Sudbury Public Works Department is implementing its 2024 Pavement Management Program. The program will use industry-leading methods to assure the work is completed as efficiently as possible and that the road surface improvements last for many years. During the process, we aim to produce the least disruption possible to drivers and residents.

PAVING (5-Year Moratorium*)
Expected Start Date:  JULY 15, 2024
Road From To
Lincoln Rd Concord Rd Wayland TL
Cedar Creek Rd Willard Grant Rd Powers Rd
Darvell Drive Witherell Drive Belcher Drive
Greystone Ln End End
Julians Way Haynes Rd Greystone Ln
Mary Catherine Ln North Rd North Rd
Newbridge Rd Concord Rd Water Row
Pipsissewa Cir White Oak Ln End
Puffer Ln Haynes Rd North Rd
Robbins Rd Bent Rd Howell Rd
Weir Hill Rd Lincoln Rd End
Willard Grant Rd North Rd Powers Rd
Wilshire Rd End End



MICRO-SURFACING (3-Year Moratorium*)
Expected Start Date:  AUGUST 1, 2024
Road From To
Allen Place Massasoit Ave Indian Ridge Rd
Atkinson Ln Dutton Rd End
Babe Ruth Dr Hudson Rd Atkinson Ln
Bishop Ln Thompson Dr End
Bradley Place Massasoit Ave Indian Ridge Rd
Carriage Way French Rd End
Clark Ln Old Lancaster Rd Indian Ridge Rd
Franklin Place Massasoit Ave End
Henry’s Mill Ln French Rd Carriage Way
Indian Ridge Rd Old Lancaster Rd Pokonoket Ave
Mark Ln Maynard Rd End
Massasoit Ave Boston Post Rd Franklin Place
Perry Circle Atkinson Ln End
Peterson Circle Atkinson Ln End
Thompson Dr Concord Rd End
Ward Rd Maynard Rd End



Newly paved and resurfaced roadways in Sudbury will have a moratorium placed on them such that we will not allow any utility cuts into them unless an emergency situation arises. The duration of the moratorium is listed below with the type of rehabilitation:

  1. Paving: 5-Year Moratorium
  2. Micro Surfacing: 3-Year Moratorium 

This map shows the roads affected by the paving and resurfacing. For a list of roads, see the Paving and Micro-Surfacing tables earlier in this article.

Description of Resurfacing Techniques


Paving a roadway will either involve overlaying the existing pavement or milling the existing pavement and paving. 

  1. Cold Planing – the existing pavement has 1.5 to 2 inches of its surface milled off.
  2. Overlaying – driveways and side streets are cold planed for smooth transition to the increase in roadway elevation.
  3. Paving – a new 1.5 to 2 inch layer of asphalt is applied.



A Micro Surface is a thin layer (3/8-inch) preventative maintenance treatment applied to an existing paved (and crack sealed) surface. Consists of a carefully proportioned blend of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion, crushed aggregate, water and mineral filler. The preservation treatment extends the life of the asphalt by providing skid resistance, restricting moisture intrusion, UV damage and surface raveling, and overall appearance.   


Important for Drivers and Residents

  • Timeframe: Beginning mid-July and continuing throughout the summer.
  • Morning Work: Roadwork starts at 7:00AM and may continue into the evening hours as needed.
  • Night Work: Working at night makes it possible to keep roads open during the day to allow normal traffic flow. However, night work, which is performed between 8:00PM – 3:00AM, may be disruptive at times.
  • Driveway Access: There may be times when access to private residential driveways is restricted and you may not be able to pull into your driveway until road work has passed.
  • Work Crews: It is crucial that vehicles and pedestrians please follow all signs and observe traffic control crew instructions to avoid damages to the road work as well as your vehicle.
  • Emergency Notifications: To receive notifications regarding road work and closures, please sign up at: (Will be issued night prior to paving roadway)


Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseen conditions that are out of the control of the Public Works Department including weather, equipment-related issues and other contractor commitments. Additional work may be added or work limits may be altered as budgets and construction season allows. Thank you for your patience during this process.