Spray Schedule for the Week Beginning September 10, 2018

Published September 7, 2018 | East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project | Automatically Archived on 9/22/2018

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For the week beginning September 10, 2018 the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project is planning to use truck mounted aerosol sprayers to apply Sumithrin in Sudbury and Framingham between dusk and 11:30.


On Monday, September 10th, 2018, spraying is scheduled for areas of Sudbury that are located near Dutton Rd., Barton Dr., Moore Rd., Willis Lake Dr., Hudson Rd., Maynard Rd., Willis Rd., Ruddock Rd. and Belcher Dr. Spraying is also scheduled for areas in Sudbury south of Route 20 and west of Brimstone Lane. Areas in Framingham to be sprayed include roads north of Edmonds Rd. and west of Callahan State Park.


On Tuesday, September 11th, 2018, spraying is planned for areas of Sudbury that are located south of Boston Post Rd and east of Raymond Rd. Areas to be sprayed in Framingham include roads in the vicinity of Hemenway Rd., Eaton Rd., Mayflower Rd., Joseph Rd. and Elm St.   


If spraying is postponed on either date, it will be re-scheduled for Wednesday, September 12th


For further information, call 781-899-5730.

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