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Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation Renewed!


November 2, 2023

| Energy and Sustainability Committee
| Updated

July 2, 2024

Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation is announcing the renewal of the program through the term December 2023 – December 2025. Most participants do not need to take any action to remain in the program and receive the new pricing for the product in which they are currently enrolled. Read on for more information.


A majority of participants in Sudbury’s program use “Sudbury Standard” (formerly Sudbury Green) which provides more renewable energy than Eversource’s Basic Service. “Sudbury Standard” and “Sudbury Basic” participants will automatically receive the new program pricing on their December meter read. Due to requirements from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, participants in “Sudbury Plus” (formerly Sudbury Class I Green) must affirmatively re-enroll in a product of their choosing to remain in the program.


If you are currently enrolled in “Sudbury Standard” or “Sudbury Basic” and want to stay in that program, then you do not need to take any actions in order to stay enrolled. If you are currently a “Sudbury Plus” participant, then you must re-enroll no later than November 20th or you will be placed back on Eversource’s Basic Service.


To re-enroll or change your product selection, call Dynegy at (866) 220-5696 or complete an enrollment form on the program site: If you have any difficulties re-enrolling in the Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation program, please email the Energy and Sustainability Committee at so that we can assist you.


The table below shows the new prices for our program compared to Eversource.

Eversource Basic Service 
Sudbury Basic
Sudbury Standard
Sudbury Plus
  (If you leave the program)   (Default)  

16.078 ¢/kWh (Residential)

17.251 ¢/kWh (Residential)  14.95 ¢/kWh 15.125 ¢/kWh 16.455¢/kWh
Voluntary Renewable Energy Meets the state required minimum Meets the state required minimum Adds voluntary  National Wind RECs to total 100% Adds voluntary renewable energy (MA Class I RECs) to total 100%
Duration July 2023 – December 2023 January 2024 – July 2024 Dec 2023 – Nov 2025 Dec 2023 – Nov 2025 Dec 2023 – Nov 2025
The Program cannot guarantee savings beyond the current term of Eversource Basic Service, as stated in the table above, because future Eversource Basic Service rates are unknown.


Good Energy, the consultant to the program, held a virtual public information session to answer any questions and provide more information on the renewal of Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation on Thursday, November 9, 2023. A recording of the information session can be viewed at this link:


The voluntary renewable energy content in the Program’s standard and optional products comes from projects that qualify as MA Class I renewables and makes a sizable impact on the Town’s carbon footprint. Since Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation’s launch in 2017, participants have cumulatively purchased 41,530 MWh of renewable energy. This equates to avoiding over 31,487,050 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions cumulatively. This past year of the program’s impact equated to avoiding 6,614,600 miles driven by average gasoline-powered passenger vehicles.


Over 6,400 accounts participate in the program, a vast majority of the Town’s residential, commercial, and industrial electricity users. Participants have collectively saved more than $11,600,000 since the program’s launch in 2017 (please note, future savings cannot be guaranteed). Please consider opting up from Sudbury Standard to Sudbury Plus for about $10 more per month in order to invest in local renewable energy infrastructure.


This is a Town-operated program open to all Sudbury residents and businesses. To learn more, please visit the program’s website: or call the program’s supplier, Dynegy, at (866) 220-5696. Participants may leave the program at any time without fees or penalties.