Fairbank Community Center: Future Options

Published February 27, 2018 | Fairbank Community Center Study Task Force | Automatically Archived on 3/14/2020

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The Fairbank Community Center has been a valuable community resource since opening its doors in 1983. The center now houses Park & Recreation, Atkinson Pool (added in 1987), the Senior Center (added in 1989) and Sudbury Public Schools administrative offices. A number of issues have arisen with the building over time, including leaking roof portions, failing climate control and lack of space for programming and administrative needs. To address these and numerous other issues, the Fairbank Community Center Task Force retained PROs Consulting to conduct an analysis and report of the current conditions and optimal solutions. PROs Consulting has presented the report (below) and options are now being evaluated for presentation at 2018 Annual Town Meeting.

Full Fairbank Report: https://sudbury.ma.us/fairbankstudy/?p=466

Fairbank Presentation: https://sudbury.ma.us/fairbankstudy/?p=467

Questions about the report or thoughts about the future of the Fairbank Community Center? Please email fairbankreport@sudbury.ma.us.