1. What is the Sudbury Historic District Commission (HDC)?

1. What is the Sudbury Historic District Commission (HDC)?


Following steps outlined in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40C, the Sudbury HDC consists of five members appointed by the Selectman. The Commission’s members include, when possible, three residents who live in one of Sudbury’s four historic districts, one architect, and one community member at large.

The Commission’s primary objective is to preserve and protect Sudbury’s buildings, places, and other areas of historic or architectural significance. It does this by reviewing proposed alterations within the historic districts that are in “public view” (visible from the street). Examples of alterations subject to review are: changes to paint color, replacement windows, the addition or removal of shutters, house additions, new construction, proposed signs, and the demolition of structures.

After considering proposed alterations, the Commission votes to grant or not grant a Certificate of Appropriateness to an applicant. Granting a COA permits the applicant to make alterations as approved.  In some cases, the Commission will send an applicant back to revise plans in the belief that such revisions will cause them to be approved.

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