6. What does HDC have jurisdiction over?

6. What does HDC have jurisdiction over?


Changes to any structure that can be viewed from a public way (streets, walkways, etc.) require a COA from the Commission. This includes the construction of any new structure, the demolition of any structure, additions, paint color, windows, roofs, fences, walkways, driveways, front steps, and lighting.  HDC does not have jurisdiction over landscaping unless landscaping has been mentioned as a condition for a previous COA (call the planning office to find out).  HDC urges the judicious removal of vegetation and trees only when necessary.  We are available for consult on these matters.  Changes from like-to-like (for example, replacement of a roof with the same color and style shingles) do not need to be brought before the Commission.  Painting your house white does not need approval nor do routine repairs and care unless they involve changes. 

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