7.What is the process to apply and be granted a COA?

7.What is the process to apply and be granted a COA?


First, be sure to plan ahead.  An application for a COA needs to be filed at least 22 days before a scheduled meeting, please see the 2017 Calendar of Meetings. Applications can be downloaded from the website.  The planning office can answer questions and help you with the application.  In general, if you are unsure about submitting a specific plan, picture, or product example, it is best to do so.  The more information we have the better we can assess your application.  A Building Certificate cannot be issued until approval has been received from HDC.

Once an application has been filed, you will be scheduled for a meeting, usually our next one. At the meeting you will be asked to present your plans and accompanying materials, and members will ask you questions about them.  Your plans will be approved—perhaps with some modification—not approved, or continued to the next meeting.  The board may vote to continue if it feels more information is needed.  If your plans are approved, the planning office will make every effort to issue your COA within the next few business days. 

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