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The Evergreen Meadows project is located on 56 Evergreen Avenue, Bedford MA. The site is ~3.5 acres, and the project consists of seventeen cottage-style units, detached and duplex.

There are 3 affordable restricted units: detached units 51 (#17) and 54 (#4), and duplex unit 57 (#14). The detached units are being sold for $190,600 and the duplex unit for $196,700. The detached units have a higher condominium fee (since they are larger) and so the sales price is lower. The overall monthly housing cost is $1,774 for all units.

Exclusive use areas are defined, and there will be common open space and other areas managed by a homeowners association. The development will be served by an internal access loop road off the end of Evergreen Avenue, which is a public road. The plan also provides for a gravel or stone dust trail connection from Evergreen Avenue to the Minuteman Bikeway, an easement for public use of an existing informal trail across wetlands at the northwest end of the property.

The monthly Condominium fees are calculated using the proportional square foot method, and are planned at $391.80 for the detached units, and $347.55 for the duplex unit. These fees represent a proportional share of the total condominium expenses covering landscaping and snow removal for the common areas, water/sewer/utilities for the common areas; irrigation for the exclusive use areas, insurance and contribution to reserve. The homeowner is responsible for all other maintenance, and will also pay monthly real estate taxes of $227 for the detached units and $235 for the duplex (using 2018 tax rates of $13.74).

The units have one-car garages, unfinished basements, an entry porch and back deck. They provide two-floor living, with kitchen, dining room, family room (with gas fireplace), master bedroom and 1.5 baths (duplex has one full bath) on the first floor. The second floor has two bedrooms and a full bath. There is no attic, or attic storage. The first floor has hardwood floors, and second floor has carpet. The kitchen has stainless refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave. The kitchen and baths have granite countertops.

These energy star homes are heated through gas, forced hot air, and have central air-conditioning.

The units will be available to income eligible first-time homebuyers, with some exceptions permitted under the program, as noted in this  application.


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