Welcome to the New Web Site

Published July 22, 1999 | Information Systems | Automatically Archived on 3/1/2000

This Post has been archived and its content might be outdated. If you are looking for recent content, please check this Department's Homepage.

We have been working hard all summer long to bring you this web site. We hope you will find it useful. The following is a quick tour of the sections of this site. Now that the site is up, and the general layout is complete, each of the town departments and committees will be adding their own content. This entire site is designed around a database, so all of the information will be as up to date as possible.


Because each of the sections is updated by the departments involved, if you feel there is anything missing, you should contact that department. Their contact information is available on their home page, accessed through Town Services. If there is a section you feel is missing, please feel free to contact [email protected].

The following is a bit of information about the sections of the town website:

About Sudbury
In About Sudbury, you will find information about the history, government, finances of the town of Sudbury.

Committees contains the member, meeting schedules and some other information about each of the town committees, such as the Planning Board, the Cable Television Committee and the I-495 Committee

Town Services
In Town Services, you can find the home page for each of the departments. Most departments (they're all supposed to, but they haven't all done so yet), have a list of Frequently Asked Questions, Documents, such as forms, meeting minutes and agendas and publications, and a list of links that relate to what that department does.

Calendar contains information about the schedules of events in town. The town sponsored events are listed here, and there is a link to townonline.com, which has a list of community events that anyone can add to.

Latest News
Each department has the ability to post news to the web site. They have the option of putting it in any of three locations: The front page, their department home page or the calendar page. The departments will only be putting urgent messages (such as the schools being closed) or messages that affect everyone (such as the taxes being due soon) on the front page. They will be putting all sorts of information about what they are doing on the latest news on their department page.

Thank you for visiting this site, we hope that you enjoy it, and we hope that you can find everything you are looking for.

The Town of Sudbury Web Team