Popular Police Chief Retires

Published April 10, 2009 | Information Systems | Updated March 29, 2017 | Automatically Archived on 6/18/2009

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The years between 1982 and 2009 were well served at the Sudbury Police Department with the dedication and services of Peter Fadgen who arrived as a Patrolman from the Town of Clinton (Best Little Town by a Dam Site as he always liked to report.). Twenty-six plus years later we said Goodbye and Good Luck to Chief Fadgen as he retired from the community and people he loved so well.


A well-attended reception was held at the Grange Hall on Tuesday, March 3 as family, peers, co-workers and many Town and State officials stopped by to wish Pete well and thank him for all he’s done for the Town of Sudbury. It was a fitting testimony to the man who gave so much of himself to so many. We’ll forever miss his blend of dedication to duty, caring and delightful sense of humor.


Photographs by Tim Coyne


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