New Town Meeting Section added to Website

Published April 29, 2014 | Information Systems | Automatically Archived on 7/1/2014

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A new Town Meeting section has been added to the Town’s website ( This includes all present and past information about Town Meetings held in Sudbury. We wanted to create an area where residents could go to easily find the latest information about 2014 town meeting articles in development, as well as articles that were voted on in the past.

The first tab you’ll see is the News tab which has news articles relating to Articles that will be presented at the 2014 Annual Town Meeting.

There is also Audio tab which contains Town Meeting audio recordings from 2003 through 2013.

The Proceedings tab contains Town Meeting Proceedings from 1959 through 2013. The Proceedings are documents created by the Town Clerk’s Office which include transcripts of each year’s Town Meetings as well as all of the election results for that year. These documents are in a PDF format and are completely searchable. The documents were scanned and posted by the Town Clerk’s Office.

The Warrants tab contains Town Meeting Warrants from 1997 through 2013. Additionally, warrants from the 1960’s, as well as one from 1959 are included.

The TM Articles tab contains a Warrant Article Search area in which the user can choose the Town Meeting they are interested in from a drop down menu. All Annual Town Meetings begin with TM and the year the Town Meeting occurred. The Special Town Meetings begin with STM and the Year and Month the Special Town Meeting was held. After choosing your Town Meeting, a list of the articles presented at that town meeting will be displayed. The article list is divided into 6 categories: Finance Budget, Capital, Zoning, Community Preservation, Other Town and Petition. The articles are listed under each category in article number order.

Clicking on an Article you’re interested in will bring you to a detail section for that article. The detail section contains information about the article including the vote required, article sponsor and developer, the Board of Selectmen position, etc. Navigation arrows on the left and right let you scroll through all of the articles for the Town Meeting chosen. You can also click on the Find Meeting and Warrant Articles tab to go back to the Town Meeting Article list to choose another article or Town Meeting.

Past Town Meetings will have a Voting Results section which will display the Date of the Vote, and the Vote Results. If the Article required additional approval, such as a Ballot Question or State approval, those results will also display in this section.

The Public Hearing section contains links to all minutes from committee/board meetings that were held in which the article was discussed. There are also Cable Broadcast links to some of these meetings which were broadcasted on SudburyTV.

There is an Online Information section which has links to all online information relating to the Article on the web.

The Documents section contains article presentations and documents that have been uploaded and posted to this website.

The Town Meeting Presentation section contains all of the presentations that were made at Town Meeting for that article. This area is only populated after the Town Meeting is over.

This new and comprehensive website will allow residents to have immediate access to Town Meeting information past and present, as well as to have updated access to articles, documents and other archival Town Meeting information.