Poor Farm Meadow Conservation Land

Published June 5, 2014 | Sudbury | Updated December 29, 2022

Poor Farm, like other poor farms around the country, was a working farm that produced at least some of the produce, grain, and livestock it consumed. Residents were expected to provide labor to the extent that their health would allow, both in the fields and in providing housekeeping and care for other residents. Rules were strict with minimal accommodations.

Poor farms were examples of town or county government programs (other than state or federal government programs) which provided social services for the needy within local borders. Poor farms were common in the United States beginning in the middle of the 19th century and declined in use after the Social Security Act and other programs took effect. Most poor farms disappeared completely by the 1950s.

Trail Challenges

There are no challenges; the land is flat and wide.


A small parking area is available at the corner of Marlboro Road and Willis Road. Access is off of Marlboro Road.

Trail Comments

  • “Poor Farm is a really nice farming area; it’s huge.”
  • “The farm is interesting because you can see real farming going on in Sudbury.”
  • “The forest surrounding the farm fields is impressive.”

Trail Videos

   Poor Farm Meadow – Highlights

   Poor Farm Meadow – Trail Hike

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