Loring Parsonage Construction Invitation for Bids – Addenda Issued

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LORING PARSONAGE Rehabilitation Project: Renovation & Addition
288 Old Sudbury Rd., Sudbury, Massachusetts, 01776

With completion of the design documents by Spencer, Sullivan, Vogt, Inc., Architects, the Permanent Building Committee is soliciting bids from firms holding a State DCAMM certification in the Historic Building category for the exterior and interior rehabilitation of the historic Loring Parsonage. The renovation will provide new exhibit and office space including reception, gallery and archival space for use as a Sudbury History Museum by the Lessee, the Sudbury Historical Society. The rehabilitation will also include the construction of a new addition to the existing Ell with a new vertical handicapped lift serving two floors of the main house and Ell as well as new plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling systems.   For further information, see the Loring Parsonage Construction IFB Notice.


Town of Sudbury Invitation to Bid for Loring Parsonage Construction – Addenda issued.

Filed sub-bids have been received as of August 15. Three addenda have been issued. Addendum No. 1 contains changes to the Specifications and Addendum No. 2 contains responses to various questions from Contractors. Addendum No. 3, sent to all General Contractors who have requested the Bid Documents, contains the tabulation of filed sub-bids received and extends the General Bid opening to August 29th at 2 p.m.  

All materials can be viewed at the Town of Sudbury Facilities Director’s Office at 275 Old Lancaster Rd., Sudbury. All bid documents, including Addenda are available by contacting [email protected].

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