Press Release Regarding Dutton Road Fatal Accident

Published August 24, 2010 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 9/4/2010

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As previously reported, a single vehicle fatal motor vehicle accident occurred on 8-13-2010 at approximately 2:36 AM resulting in the passing of the sole occupant/operator, Max Haberman (18) of 31 Woodland Road in Sudbury, MA.  The Sudbury Police Department, along with the Massachusetts State Police, initiated an investigation into the cause of the accident.  Although the investigation is ongoing, preliminary information indicates speed, failure to wear a seatbelt, alcohol consumption and cell phone use appear to be contributing factors resulting in the crash.

Additionally, as a result of the investigation, Timothy Jarrett (19) of 353 Willis Road in Sudbury, MA was charged with what is commonly known as the “Social Host Law” and technically described as Chapter 138/34 Knowingly allowing a person under twenty-one to possess alcohol on property controlled by said subject.  Through the course of the investigation it was revealed Mr. Jarrett hosted an under-age drinking party where Mr. Haberman was identified as being present and consuming alcoholic beverages.

Aside from the tragic events of August 13th, the Sudbury Police Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the dangers relative to any one of the factors believed to have contributed to this very unfortunate outcome.  Any life lost due to aforementioned circumstances is unfortunate, but when a life lost is so young in tends to affect us in a deeper fashion.

Although the involved parties are no longer Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School students, the Sudbury Police Department has and will continue to collaborate with parents, the schools and the community at large in a concerted effort to educate our youth as to the dangers surrounding them as well as the important choices and consequences they face on a daily basis.



Sudbury Police Department

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