Remembering and Honoring 1LT Scott Milley – Funeral Information

Published December 7, 2010 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 12/12/2010

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Information on the Saturday Funeral, as of Thursday, December 9, 2010

L-S will open its A-B connector doors at 9 am, and attendees will be directed to the auditorium.  If the auditorium reaches its seating limits as determined by the room capacity and public safety officials, attendees will be directed to the Gymnasium, where a large screen will be set up so that the services in the auditorium can be viewed and heard.  SudburyTV will be televising the funeral services live, and they can be seen on public access channels 8/31 for anyone who would like to watch from home.  There will also be streamed live to the SudburyTV website ( for anyone who is not in Sudbury but has access to the internet.

The services are scheduled to start at 11 am and it is estimated they will end between 12:30 and 1 pm.  At the conclusion, the funeral party will be allowed to leave first and begin to walk down Concord Road to the Cemetery.  Attendees who are physically able to walk the 1.3 mile route are encouraged to walk behind the family.  For those who feel they are not comfortable making this walk, at least ten school buses, driven by drivers who are also volunteering their services for the day, will drive to the Cemetery.  And handicapped individuals who cannot ride the school buses will be allowed to drive their personal vehicles to the Cemetery.  All vehicles will be directed to drive to the cemetery via Lincoln Road to Water Row to Old Sudbury Road (Rte 27) as Concord Road will be limited to the funeral vehicles and walkers.  Members of the Sudbury Police and Fire Department, who are volunteering their services for the day, will be available to help guide everyone.  And the buses will be available to take walkers back to the L-S parking lot at the end of the graveside services. 

Parking.  Once the L-S lot is filled, attendees will be directed to the following parking lots: Featherland, Nixon School, and St. Elizabeth’s Church.  If these lots fill up, staff will help direct to other parking lots in town.  We will try to keep the lot behind Town Hall clear as that will be the staging area for buses, public safety and other parking needs.  To the extent we can, school buses will be providing shuttle services between these off site lots and L-S. 

Patience.  We ask that everyone remember the following: 

  • Please dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes if you plan on walking.  Check the weather before you leave and prepare accordingly.
  • Please allow time to get your vehicle parked and get into seating at L-S before services start at 11 am.  Doors will open at 9 am. 
  • If all spaces fill up at L-S, we apologize for the limitations on the schools accommodations.  The funeral services may be seen on SudburyTV channels 8/31 and via the web site. 
  • We will have the entire membership of our Sudbury Police Department present as well as members of the Sudbury Fire Department and Sudbury Public Works Department.  They are being supplemented with police officers from Lincoln Police Department, who are also volunteering to assist.  All will be working to assist with an orderly and respectful funeral for Sudbury’s 1LT Scott Milley, and to support his extended family in this difficult time.