Solicitor Bylaw

Located in the Sudbury General Bylaws is a “Door-To-Door Salesman” bylaw (section 29) that, in summary, creates conditions “for profit” solicitors must follow.  Included in these conditions is a non-solicitation list with which they are to abide by that is provided to the solicitors every thirty days when their permit expires.  This was established to protect the citizenry of Sudbury within the confines of the law.  Any resident can request to be added to the list by emailing the department at, filling out the non-solicitation to drop off by selecting the following link (Non-Solicitation Request) or filling out a form at the station.

“Non-profit” solicitors, by law, cannot be restricted although we respectfully request they notify us when they are soliciting to prevent unnecessary responses to areas they are targeting.

Please refer to the Town of Sudbury website ( for the complete bylaw by selecting the search option listing “bylaw.”  From the list of documents available select “Sudbury General Bylaws 2011” proceeding to section 29 which begins on page 24.


Sudbury Police Department