Scam Involving Traffic Fines

Published November 14, 2013 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 11/21/2013

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In the past two days Sudbury Police have received several calls which involve an attempted scam. The Scam calls are from a person identifying himself as an officer of the court or a police officer. He tells the person answering the phone they are the subject of an arrest warrant for traffic violations and requests money. He specifically requests the victim obtain a Green Dot money card and provide him with the pin number to pay the fake fine. These calls are a scam the person perpetrating the scam claims to be a Lieutenant Stevens and calls from a 781 area code. To be clear the police do not handle warrants this way, the police would never call your home and ask for money to clear up a warrant, this is a scam we want people to be aware of. If you have any concerns or receive a call like this call the Sudbury Police at 978-443-1042