Storm Update – Please Use Caution

Published March 12, 2018 | Police Department | Updated March 15, 2018 | Automatically Archived on 3/15/2018

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Update:  12:21:03 PM

Snow is building up and coming down with more intensity than this morning. DPW is doing their best to keep up which is a difficult task Traffic has been very light so we appreciate everyone staying home that can. More debris and wires have come down and we are keeping Eversource and the DPW updated. For those who have lost power please make sure you notify Eversource.

We have received a number of requests of how to update your contact information for Reverse 911 calls, emails and texts. There is a link on the Town website so you can establish an account providing an update as to preferences and directions were put on Facebook and will be put on the website. Thank you and stay safe!

Update:  3:37:01 PM

Good afternoon. Eversource Crews have been working throughout the day continuing repairs. Almost all residents have power but there remains damage that needs to be addressed particularly given the forecast. Additionally, Eversource has indicated there will be a brief, deliberate outage at 4:00 PM today. Eversource indicated those that will be affected were contacted via phone.

In regards to debris removal, cleanup has continued by this is going to take a number of weeks and will be delayed given the storm tomorrow so please be patient. In clarifying some questions of location. If you could put the brush no closer than 4 feet from the roadway and no further than 10 feet. The decision to take on the task was made prior to fully understanding the forecast. These distances will allow for pushback of snow.

Please prepare for and be safe during our next storm. Hopefully spring is just around the corner!

Update:1:41:13 PM

This is Chief Nix with the Sudbury Police Department. Over half of Sudbury residents remains without power but we are hopeful about Eversource’s estimation of having substantially completed the restoration of power by 6:00 PM on March 10th. Please understand there is a tremendous amount of damage to be repaired so some may remain without power regardless of this estimate. Electrical hazards and some road obstructions are still an issue, be careful. We have had a number of other trees and wires come down today but with resources already in town we were able to clear most.

The Senior Center remains open for warming, charging and a shelter if needed. Lincoln-Sudbury has graciously opened the showers up to residents until 8:00 PM this evening. Please watch out for your neighbors. We are assessing current damage remaining to that gathered to this point therefore there is no need to call unless you know something is a new issue or is an emergency. Thank you and please be safe!


Below is a link to Eversource’s site:

Update:  7:17:21 AM

Trees, poles and wires continue to come down negating some of the progress made. Crews are continuing their efforts. Please be cognizant of downed wires. Motorists and pedestrians alike disregard our safety precautions tearing down caution tape and moving barricades. We have them in place for everyone’s safety, PLEASE abide by the warnings. There is not sufficient personnel to maintain a presence given we are responding to additional issues that develop. Please be safe and stay away from downed wires and keep in mind there may be wires you cannot see.

Over 50% of Sudbury remains without power according to Eversource’s website. Their goal is to restore power to as many as quickly as they can which means they typically concentrate on main lines that feed larger areas and do not concentrate on side roads or single services until later in their restoration efforts. Given this, please understand we try to keep Eversource updated regularly but we do not have estimates on the return of power.

The Senior Center at 40 Fairbank Road remains open for those that need to warm up and charge their devices. If needed, please utilize this opportunity. The library is going to open at noon until 5:00 PM today for the same purposes. Please keep an eye on neighbors, particularly those that may be more vulnerable. Thank you and hoping for more improvements!


Update:  8:15:54 PM

Crews are continuing to work to clear roads but over half the town remains without power according to the Eversource website.  We have officers and firefighters escorting various crews to the problematic areas.  Please drive extremely cautiously watching out for falling, hanging debris or debris that may be completely blocking a roadway.  We have tried to provide warning for areas we are aware of but unfortunately motorists have chosen to take down or remove them requiring us to repost them several times in some areas.

The Senior Center located at 40 Fairbank Road will remain open throughout the night for those who are in need of a place to get warm, charge electronic devices or stay the evening.

Update:  3:52:33 PM

This is Chief Nix once again. Headway has been made with clearing several routes particularly those that lead to the Senior Center at 40 Fairbank Road which is currently open as a warming/charging facility. Some power has been restored but those without power should plan for being without power at least overnight. There is extensive damage in many areas the restoration of which has yet to begin in full force. Eversource is concentrating on getting roads open. We have not been given any time estimates for the returning the power. I wish we had better news but please be safe and prepare appropriately. Thank you.

Please see the link below with updates regarding closures.  Hudson Road, Maynard Road, Fairbank Road and RTE 20 are all open currently.  Keep in mind that may change given we still have trees falling and with temperatures dropping we are unsure what affect that will have.  We are doing our best to clear those quickly that do not involve wires.

Update:  12:54:19 PM

This is Chief Nix with the Sudbury Police Department. The recent storm has severely impacted Sudbury. Numerous roads remain closed with trees and live wires down. There is a map of major closures on our website. Although the storm is over there remains numerous hazards. I would strongly urge residents not to go out walking placing yourself in danger of electrical hazards, falling debris and traffic. The ability to navigate the roads is extremely difficult given the number of closures. If possible I would strongly suggest you stay home but if you need to leave please give yourself plenty of time and drive cautiously. Trees continue to fall and unfortunately we had one strike a resident who was severely injured. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

A warming/charging center is opening at 1:00 PM at the Senior Center, 40 Fairbank Road.  Residents are welcome to bring their devices and charges to the center to warm while recharging batteries.

Link to the major closures is below


Update: 11:07:23 AM

Please stay home if you can!  We are trying our best to work with the Fire Department, the Department of Public Works as well as Eversource to clear the roadways which remain closed.  Increased traffic volume is impeding those efforts.

We are worried about residents and their safety.  The storm may be just about over but the safety concerns with falling trees and electrical hazards poses a real danger. We have detours in place for a reason which many motorists are disregarding and either have to turn around or put themselves at peril by driving under/over live wires and precarious trees.  Please be patient for your own safety as well as your loved ones and enjoy the indoors!  Thank you!

The link remains below with some of the major routes that are affected.

Update: 9:24:41 AM

Please refrain from contacting the Public Safety Dispatch Center to inquire about how long it is going to take to get power back.  If there is an emergency please do not hesitate to call but those who are calling regarding power restoration or road conditions are taking resources away from handling the continuing emergencies.

If you can stay home please do so.  RTE 20 is shut down once again with no eta on reopening along with many major routes through Sudbury.

The Eversource website indicates 74% of Sudbury is without power.  We have been in touch with Eversource keeping them updated.

The Fire Chief is working on the logistics of opening a warming/charging center located at 40 Fairbanks Road, Senior Center, but we need to get Hudson Road and Maynard Road open so residents can get there.  We are hoping to have this open at 1:00 PM.  We will keep you posted.


Update:  8:16:08 AM

Residents should be aware that there are a tremendous amount of trees/wires down.  The Department of Public Works is doing their best in balancing snow removal logistics with that of clearing roadways.  Any circumstance that involves electrical wires requires Eversource respond prior to our ability to remove the obstruction.  Please be patient, we are maintain a list for issues reported to us and keep Eversource posted as to those issues.

PLEASE be careful if you choose to commence snow cleanup; trees are continuing to fall.

Below is a link for major road closures.  There are numerous issues on side roads we are working on.


The recent storm has severely impacted Sudbury. We have numerous roads closed and wires down. Some of the major roads are RTE 20, Hudson Road, Maynard Road, Lincoln Road and the list continues. There are numerous wires down and some that we have yet to encounter. Although schools are cancelled I would strongly urge residents not to go out walking placing yourself in danger of electrical hazards. If possible I would suggest you stay home but if you need to leave please give yourself plenty of time and drive cautiously. Trees are still falling and numerous hazards remain.

We are working on updating a map with additional closures. We have also put out messages on Facebook and Twitter for those that monitor those sites. Eversource has crews responding to the area and the Department of Public Works is doing their best with snow removal as well as clearing roads that are not affected with power lines.

Please use caution!