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What happens when I call 911?


When 911 is dialed from a residence (not a cellular telephone) it connects to the Sudbury Police Department. In the event you need assistance from the Fire Department, the call will be transferred to our Headquarters. Although we have Enhanced 911, it is critical to confirm the address of the problem with the dispatcher. However, if you are unable to speak, help will be sent anyway to investigate the situation. We know where each call is made from due to our enhanced system. This means that when the phone rings, a computer screen pops up with the address, name and telephone number of the caller. One thing to keep in mind is that it is possible for the dispatcher to put you on hold if he or she needs to notify the paramedics, for example. Never, ever hang up until instructed to do so! Also, parents should constantly discuss the 911 system with their children. We have taken many calls from youngsters and they are never too young to learn.

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