Sudbury Center Committee votes to keep 2 way road in front of Town Hall

Published on Friday, 6/14/2013 12:54 pm | by Sudbury Centre Improvement Advisory Committee | Automatically Archived on 6/28/2013

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The Sudbury Center Improvement Advisory Committee (SCIAC) met on June 10th to recap the discussion from the 2013 Annual Town Meeting regarding the Town Center Improvement project, scheduled for a ballot vote for $700,000 in construction funds on June 25th.

The issue of whether to redesign the plan with a 2 way road in front of Town Hall was the major discussion item for the committee. Many residents had voiced a concern over the circulation of the intersection, and the committee sensed that keeping this road 2 way may be a critical factor in completing the project. The SCIAC debated the pros and cons of expanding the road to allow 2 way traffic, and voted to keep the road 2 way.  Some curbing realignment will be necessary around the Town Common, but this change to the plan should not significantly impact the overall design. 

Other items discussed by the committee included:

  • Crosswalk material – The plans call for epoxy resin. More discussion will continue on the color and texture choices. 
  • Final grade of the retaining walls at First Parish and on the common  – the final design plans will clarify.
  • Sign schedule – the number, size and types of signs will be reviewed before going out to bid.
  • Number of Signals – 9 signal poles are shown on the design plans. Committee members wondered if fewer could be installed.
  • Signal size – attention will be paid to the size of the lights, as they vary. 
  • Style of signal poles – shiny painted finish or matte? black or green? plain or ornamental? There are many design styles. These details will be worked out before going out to bid.
  • Compensation to First Parish for the Town's use of the Town Common (which is owned by First Parish) and grant of a road widening easement on Concord Road for the project – The Selectmen will discuss these items and how to convey the Town's position.

The SCIAC June 10, 2013 DRAFT Minutes are available for review. These items will be discussed with the Selectmen on June 18th at 8:15 pm at Town Hall.

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