Town Manager Letter Re Hurricane Sandy

Published October 26, 2012 | Select Board | Automatically Archived on 11/2/2012

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October 26, 2012

Dear Residents:

I am sure everyone has heard that Hurricane Sandy is headed for the New England area beginning this weekend. At this time it is unclear how serious the impact might be on the Metrowest area as it depends on the track the storm takes. MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) anticipates that there will be heavy rain and damaging winds and associated widespread power outages lasting as long as a week if Sandy makes landfall across Massachusetts. Town officials will continue to monitor information that is provided to us by MEMA. We plan to put more information on the Town’s website as the situation becomes clearer. Below are responses to questions we anticipate you might have and/or have already been sent to the Town.

  1. How will the Town communicate with residents if storm conditions are severe? The Town of Sudbury uses a mass communication system known as Blackboard Connect; and, as part of this, the Town is provided with all available phone numbers for residents and businesses. Residents who are new to Town, have unlisted numbers or use just a cell phone may not be listed in the Blackboard Connect data provided. Click here to access the registration page for registering your devices (
  2. What preparations has NSTAR been making for this storm? NSTAR has been putting information on their website for their customers and here is a link to that website In our conversations with NStar Officials, we have found they place great value on calls from residents reporting power outages. Even though the NStar recorded line can be frustrating, please be diligent about calling 1-800-592-2000 to report any problems with your power. If you need to report a hazardous situation, such as a downed wire or other public hazard, please notify the Sudbury Public Safety Dispatch Center by calling 911. As always, remember to assume that every wire is a live wire. Even a benign cable TV wire can be in contact with an energized power line and cause injury.
  3. How can residents find out more about the severity and timing of the storm? Residents should listen to television, radio and web based information services of their choosing. Town officials are receiving the same basic information as the news services provide and MEMA keeps the media advised of updates they are receiving as well.
  4. Will the Town make a decision on Halloween trick or treating activities for Wednesday evening, October 31? Like last year, the Sudbury Police Department will weigh the safety conditions and make a recommendation to parents. Our primary concern is the safety of all residents, and if there are downed wires, fallen branches, or other conditions that make many areas of Town unsafe for pedestrians to be out, the SPD will issue a statement to that effect. In the end, decisions are up to parents.
  5. Are there steps residents should be taking at this time to prepare for the Storm? MEMA puts information on its web page to address this question.

Other valuable contacts:

MEMA's Facebook page:

MEMA Twitter: @MassEMA

National Hurricane Center website,

National Weather Service/Taunton,


Maureen G. Valente

Town Manager