Route 20 Sewer Project

Published May 26, 2011 | Sewer Assessment Technical Committee | Updated August 21, 2015 | Automatically Archived on 8/21/2015

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The Route 20 Sewer Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has prepared a comprehensive list of questions and answers to assist residents in informing themselves on the project, which requests an appropriation of $1 million for the design and permitting of the Route 20 sewer project. Article 20 passed at Town Meeting, moving the project to a ballot vote on June 7, 2011 for the approved appropriation.

The Route 20 sewer project is a long term project designed to sustain Sudbury both environmentally and economically. It aims to protect Sudbury’s drinking water in the Route 20 aquifer area, as well as assist businesses with their wastewater disposal so that they can stay and grow in Sudbury. Without alternative wastewater disposal, there is a risk of groundwater contamination and loss of business.

Many questions about this project can be answered by clicking on the following links:

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2011 ATM Article 20 – Route 20 Sewer TAC narrative

2011 ATM Article 20 – Route 20 Sewer TAC PowerPoint

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2011 ATM Article 20 – Route 20 Sewer Planning Board PowerPoint

May 25, 2011 Meeting Presentation