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David Alderman Wins Sudbury 375th Anniversary Logo Design Contest

Published September 20, 2013 | Sudbury Celebrates 375 / Sudbury Day Committee | Automatically Archived on 11/1/2013

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The Sudbury Celebrates 375/Sudbury Day Committee, which oversees the Town of Sudbury’s 375th anniversary celebration in 2014, announces that Sudbury native David Alderman has been chosen as the winner of the committee’s logo design contest.

His design, selected from more than a dozen entries, features the iconic stone markers seen throughout Sudbury inscribed with the words “Sudbury Celebrates 375,” “1639-2014,” and “Community of Spirit.” As the logo contest winner, he receives bragging rights, including recognition in publicity and printed materials, plus the satisfaction of seeing his design on 375th memorabilia.

Alderman described his design as a “light-hearted tribute to a town steeped in history,” and explained that he wanted to use a symbol iconic to Sudbury but not one of the more common icons such as the Grist Mill. “The stone marker represents our past literally by being the original way finding system of Sudbury,” he said. “As the stones still stand next to our current road signs and direct us to our next destination, it ties the past together with the present and future.”

Until moving to Connecticut in 2008 for college, the 23 year-old Alderman lived in Sudbury. He is a graphic designer in Boston ( His parents, Jan Cavallo and James Alderman, still live in Sudbury. “I thought it would be a fun challenge to partake in a contest for the town I grew up in,” he

“David Alderman’s design stood out for the way it thoughtfully and beautifully expresses Sudbury’s past, present and future through his creative interpretation of the classic stone markers that grace our town,” said Ellen Gitelman, co-chair of the Sudbury Celebrates 375 Committee. “We are very appreciative of all the artists who showed their community spirit by giving of their time and creativity to help mark the beginning of what is designed to be a wonderful celebration of Sudbury’s heritage, community, and future.”

The logo contest is the kick-off to a year-long celebration in 2014 that will involve the whole town. The contest’s panel of judges included Sudbury residents Yael Kupiec-Dar, an art teacher at Curtis Middle School; graphic artist Gloria Segel; Joan Meenan, a founding member of the original Sudbury Arts Association and an accomplished watercolorist; and artist and art teacher Mary McCormack. The Sudbury Celebrate 375 Committee was the final arbiter on the winner.

Sudbury 375th Anniversary LogoAbout Sudbury’s 375th Celebration and Committee
Sudbury’s 375th anniversary celebration is in the early planning stages, so volunteers are welcome to join the Sudbury Celebrates 375/Sudbury Day Committee, which meets the second Thursday of each month in the Flynn Building at 7:00 PM. Community groups and individuals, such as schools and religious institutions, art and cultural organizations, artists, and historians are also encouraged to create and produce events and exhibits connected to the 375th celebration.

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