Local businesses that fail to pay personal property taxes to be taken to court.

Published July 31, 2008 | Collector / Treasurer | Automatically Archived on 8/12/2008

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The Town of Sudbury is actively pursuing business owners that neglect to pay their fair share in real estate & personal property taxes.  Unpaid personal property tax claims are first pursued in small claims court.  Thereafter, the Town enlists the help of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Department to collect.  

The personal property tax is assessed (separately from real estate) to certain businesses, public utilities, and owners of homes not used as primary residences.

The Town has the legal authority to deny business license renewal for failure to pay personal property taxes. Additionally, the Town is now prepared to force the issue of non-payment of taxes in court. Business owners have been put on notice that non-payment of taxes is a provisional course of action, the consequences of which grow in cost as well as severity over time.

Click the link below to see listing of “active” delinquent cases:
Delinquent Businesses