Important notice regarding online banking

Published October 28, 2010 | Collector / Treasurer | Automatically Archived on 11/4/2010

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Recently we've dealt with several Sudbury Taxpayers that have been very surprised to find out that their bank's on-line payment system does not transfer funds to us 'same day'.  In fact, most banks simply process your payments just as you do – by cutting a check and sending it to your vendors by regular, First Class mail. 

Q:  What does this mean in terms of your taxes getting paid on time? 

A:  Even if you request payment by your bank on or before the day your taxes are due, your payment may arrive late.   

WARNING – If your payment arrives late you will be charged interest.  That is the law.  The Town cannot anticipate nor may it compensate you for late payment arrival.

Q:  My bank sent me a confirmation saying they sent the Town a check on time.  Is the confirmation wrong?

A:  Unfortunately in many cases the answer is 'yes'.  It generally takes 2-5 business days for a bank to process your payment check request.  It takes another 2-3 days for that check to arrive via the U.S. mail.

Q:  But my funds were taken from my bank account on or before the tax due date.  Doesn't that count as being paid to the Town on the same date?

A:  No.  The bank withdraws your payment in order to process your request.  It may take several additional days before the Town receives your check in the mail. 

 Q:  Does the Town ever hold my payment and as result, charge me interest? 

A: No we do not!  Even during our busiest times you may rest assured that your payment is credited to your account using the date we receive it from you, from your bank or any other payment agency

Q:  Can I get reimbursed for the interest on late payments? 

A:  Not from the Town.  However, if you call your bank they may be willing and able to provide you compensation for late payments.   

Q:  What can I do to make sure my on-line payment request with my bank is processed in time?

A:  Read and observe your bank's processing guidelines.  Always submit your payment request within those parameters. 

Q:  Do I have a faster alternative to using my bank's on-line payment options?

A:  Absolutely yes!  You may pay your real estate, motor vehicle and personal property taxes using Sudbury's direct on-line payment system.  Doing so will ensure that your payment request is processed and credited to your account on the same day.  Payment using your bank account is free.  Payment by credit card is also an option through this service for an additional fee charged by the credit card company. 

For access to the Town's on-line tax payment system visit, consult your tax bill for the web address or click the link below.