Assessors Office conducts property inspections

Published August 5, 1999 | Assessors Office | Automatically Archived on 9/30/1999

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Over a 10 year period, by state mandate the Assessors are required to conduct complete inspections of every property in town. We fulfill this requirement by conducting two inspection programs. The owners of properties that have not been visited in the past 10 years, (as well as properties with recently issued building permits), are being contacted for inspections by our Data Collector, David Tucker. If your home has not been inspected recently, you can expect to receive a letter requesting that you call our Office to schedule a short inspection appointment. The inspection typically entails verifying building measurements, and pertinent data elements relative to the home. Please keep in mind that a property inspection is clearly, the most assured means to achieving an accurate, equitable property assessment. The Town Assessor Maureen Hafner is conducting inspections of all new construction. If you are the owner of a recently constructed home, you should expect to receive a letter asking that you phone our Office in order to schedule a property inspection appointment.
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