Personal Property Data Collection Program is Underway

Published October 20, 2009 | Assessors Office | Automatically Archived on 10/23/2009

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If you are a local business owner and your place of business is due for an inspection, there is still time.  We expect the Personal Property data collection program to be concluding later this week.  Inspections of business properties (as well as real property inspections) are mandated to be conducted on a cyclical basis by the Department of Revenue. In conjunction with that mandate, businesses which have not been subject to an interior inspection within the past few years may expect a visit from one of the field representatives.  The visit should take only a few minutes.  The inspections are used to verify data quality.  The personal property data collectors conducting the inspections are representatives of Patriot Properties, Inc.  If you have any question or concerns regarding the program please do not hesitate to contact our office:  

Assessors Office phone: 978-639-3393