Property Inspections

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Over a 10-year period, by state mandate Assessors’ are required to conduct interior inspections of every property in town.

This is accomplished through a cyclical property inspection program.  In addition, we are required to inspect properties with recently completed alterations, additions or improvements.

If your home has not been inspected recently, or has had building permit activity ongoing or recently completed you should expect to be contacted by a representative of the Sudbury Assessors within the next several months.  Due to continued safety concerns regarding COVID we are continuing our cyclical inspection program in a hybrid fashion.  Property owners will be mailed a copy of the current property assessment detail on file, and will be requested to confirm the data, or update with any changes or corrections.   Upon request of a property owner a physical interior inspection appointment will be readily accommodated.  Our data collection program also includes updating our exterior photo inventory.

Property inspections typically entail verifying building measurements, and pertinent data elements relative to the home. Please keep in mind that a property inspection is clearly, the most assured means to achieving an accurate, equitable property assessment.  

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our office at 978-639-3395 or send an email to

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cynthia Gerry

Director of Assessing

Town of Sudbury