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Certificate of Inspection Application
September 23, 2016 Applications
Building Department
Eversource Historical Society Letter 3/18/2016
March 21, 2016 Building Department
Sheet-Metal Permit Application
July 19, 2011 Applications
Building Department
Debris Disposal Affidavit
This form is required for materials being sent to a licensed solid waste facility.  
February 22, 2011 Applications
Building Department
Residential Energy Code Compliance – Stretch Code
Energy Compliance worksheet required with all residential building permit applications for 1 & 2 family house and townhouse construction, additions and renovations.  
January 26, 2011 Forms Building Department
Facilities Data
Operational expenses for each town building.  
October 6, 2008 Utilities Building Department
Excavation & Trench Safety Regulations
Information and Fact Sheet for new excavation and trench safety regulation.  
July 31, 2008 Building Department Building Department
Certificate of Occupancy Checklist
Information needed prior to Certification of Occupancy being issued  
July 24, 2008 Building Department Building Department
Plumbing Permit Application
April 23, 2008 Applications
Building Department
Gas Permit Application
April 23, 2008 Applications
Building Department
Electrical / Wiring Permit
April 23, 2008 Applications
Building Department
FY2019 Portable Sign Permit
Portable Sign (A-Frame) Permit are issued annually from July 1-June 30 in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw Section 3259A.  
June 25, 2007 Permits Building Department
Workers’ Compensation Affidavit
For contractors working as sole proprietors and do not have Worker's Compensation Insurance or homeowners applying for building permits.  
February 7, 2007 Forms Building Department
Permit Fee Schedule
Building Permit Fees for Building, Sheet Metal, Wiring, Plumbing and Gas Permits.  
January 25, 2006 Building Department
Building Department
Building Permit Application
This building permit application is needed for any commercial or residential construction.  
November 10, 2004 Applications
Building Department

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