Wall Lettuce


This annual dandelion-like plant will grow up to 4 feet tall when flowering. Flowers are small with 5 narrow tooth-edged rays that are a pale-yellow color. Leaves are 2 ½ –7 inches long and 1–3 inches wide, arrow-shaped and toothed, looking very similar to dandelion leaves. Stems exude a milky fluid that can irritate the skin when broken.


Mechanical control through hand pulling can be very effective for controlling wall lettuce. Grip the plant close the ground and pull up slowly to remove all parts of the root. Once pulled, it can be ripped apart by hand and left on site before it has gone to seed. Try and avoid removal after the wind-dispersed seeds are present, as disturbing the plant will aid in its dispersal. If removing when seeds are present, bag all parts of the plant.