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Update August 3, 2020:

Hello All-

As we all soldier on and maintain our physical distance and use masks/face coverings to minimize the spread of COVID-19 (the disease caused by the new coronavirus), let’s continue to be thankful for what we have, and to maintain our relationships with family, friends, neighbors and community members. 

We continue to remind ourselves that some people have been impacted more than others by this virus and its changes to our society.  Certainly, our hearts go to the people who have been sickened, and passed on from this life, and the others who were sickened and have lasting deficits, and we also remember the community of people who work in the medical and health fields, who have worked so many more hours to help with this national and local emergency, as well as the people who have had to continue in essential jobs where they are more at risk of contracting the virus themselves, such as our grocery, pharmacy, hardware and other store workers, as well as those in public safety and those who maintain our streets and public spaces.  In addition, we think about the parents who must try to help their children learn in a whole new way, and who are worried about their family’s and extended family’s health.

Concerns or Questions?

Even though we are physically more apart, we are all in this together.  Should you find yourself needing to touch base with the Senior Center staff about anything: such as your need for more activities, your anxieties about the pandemic, a concern for a neighbor, or whatever it is, please do reach out.  You can contact us via phone at the main phone line: 978-443-3055 or email us at, or call our Outreach Specialist Ana Cristina Oliveira directly at 978-639-3268 or email her at

Programs and Services

We continue to try to offer programs and activities that are safe to share.  We do not anticipate opening the Senior Center to the public very soon.  The Governor, based on recommendations from the Department of Health and Human Services and his task force, has indicated that opening of Senior Centers should be in Phase 4 which could be a few to several months.  This may change as time goes on, but for the near future we will plan to offer most programming virtually (Zoom and SudburyTV), with some special events outside, with safety restrictions. 

The Senior Center is also continuing to offer the following services: Phone Buddies, Grocery Shopping by volunteers, SHINE (Medicare) Counseling by phone, Home Delivered Meals (see below), Information and Consultation by phone, and Legal Clinic appointments by phone. In addition, we regret that the Medical Equipment Loan Closet is unable to accept donations or returns at this time.


Planning for some special Taxi and Van service is currently under way as we put new safety protocols into action.  Information will be forthcoming in our email updates, news releases, newsletter and SudburyTV notices. 

You can also check back to the Senior Center website at or the Town of Sudbury website for more information.  

Weather and Power Outages

While we distance ourselves, we still need to remain vigilant about severe weather, with climate change, we are experiencing more frequent severe storms, and heat, and it is also hurricane season.  Keep abreast of weather forecasts and plan and prepare for power outages.  See information at: 


Stay well, you are on our minds!

Debra Galloway, Director, and all the Sudbury Senior Center Staff
Sudbury Senior Center


See below for additional Resource and Service Information:

BayPath Elder Services Home Delivered Meals Program

BayPath Elder Services continues to deliver lunchtime meals to clients in Sudbury on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Many thanks to Debbie Peters, Meals Manager, and our wonderful delivery volunteers!  For more information, please contact BayPath Elder Services at 508-573-7200. 


The Sudbury Board of Health is posting updates on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak at Board of Health Coronavirus Updates

The Town Social Worker has comprehensive lists of resources on her webpage at Social Worker Resources.

Of note:

Wearing a Facial Covering – Per Governor Charlie Baker, we are all asked to wear a facial covering or mask when going out of the house and not able to practice social distancing due to the circumstances. 

Instructions on How to Use Face Coverings Effectively are available from Mass. DPH (Dept. of Public Health) on COVID-19 Printable Fact Sheets

Continue to practice “social distancing” – keeping a 6-foot radius of space around you and between you and others.  Staying at home or outside away from people is the safest way to do this.

Beware of scams – there are many bad actors taking advantage of this situation to try to scam people of their money, or their identity information.  Please be very wary.  People may call, email or knock on your door offering free COVID-19 testing, or some other offer.  You should only talk to your doctor/doctor’s office about these things.  The town and state of Mass. are not calling or knocking on doors to offer these services.  There are also many other types of scams – if you don’t know the person – just do not respond.


Additional resources:

Sudbury Board of Health

Sudbury Home Delivery Resources

Sudbury Town Social Worker Resource Page

Sudbury Neighbor Brigade