2009 Town Meeting Approves CPC Projects

Published May 18, 2009 | Community Preservation Committee | Automatically Archived on 4/5/2010

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The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is pleased to report the following results from the May 11 Town Meeting. In all six new projects were approved for 2009, some unanimously, and two projects were given extensions. These projects represent the CPC’s dedication, and in turn the Town’s commitment, to supporting the four pillars of our thriving community: Open Space, Community Housing, Historic Preservation, and Recreation.

Projects include:

Land Preservation at 79 Lincoln Lane:   $25,000

Approval of this project will make it possible for the Town to preserve a parcel of land located at 79 Lincoln Lane for permanent conservation purposes thus protecting it from potential private construction of a large single-family house and yard. 

Sudbury Housing Trust:  $208,000

This represents 10% of the estimated annual revenue of the CPA for FY10, and will fund the Sudbury Housing Trust and its efforts to preserve and create affordable housing within the Town of Sudbury

Town Clerk Historic Document Preservation:  $170,000

Project funds will restore, conserve and preserve historic public records dating from the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries which are currently at risk of irreparable deterioration and subsequent loss. Once conserved the information can be not only protected from further damage, but also used by the public for which they are being saved.

Historic Preservation Projects:   $18,000

Projects slated for these funds include continuation of the survey of Sudbury’s Historic Properties as required by the Massachusetts Historical Commission and restoration of gravestones in the Mount Pleasant and Old Town Cemeteries.

Loring Parsonage Exterior Restoration:   $229,000

The 18th-century Parsonage building, which today houses the Lincoln-Sudbury Credit Union, was originally home to the Rev. Israel Loring, when in 1706 he became the first minister west of the Sudbury River. Loring became a noted colonial religious author and served as minister for Sudbury’s founding families for sixty-six years. These funds will restore the exterior of the building and create a handicap accessible entrance into the building.

Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Existing Conditions Base Map:  $25,000

Article 24 of the 2007 Town Meeting was amended to utilize excess funds from that article to be used for the creation of a concept plan for the rail corridor, allowing current Town staff to engage technical consultants and pay incidental expenses, if needed, as they study and work with information obtained from the 2007 rail trail studies.

Hearse House Relocation and Restoration:     

An extension through FY10 was granted to enable additional work to continue on the Hearse House which will involve utilizing more of the $24,022 appropriated in 2006.

Sudbury Housing Authority Unit Buy-Down:

An extension through FY14 was granted to allow for greater time for construction of condominium units that the SHA was planning under Article 43 of the 2006 Town Meeting to purchase and retain as rental units.

The Community Preservation Committee looks forward to keeping the community informed as projects move forward.