Economic Development Committee Endorses Town Meeting Zoning Articles

Published March 27, 2000 | Economic Development Committee | Automatically Archived on 4/6/2000

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The Economic Development Committee endorses Article 20 (Minor Site Plan Special Permit Review) and Article 40 (Enlarge Industrial District, Old County Road) on the 2000 Annual Town Meeting Warrant. These articles are Sudbury’s first steps in the implementation of the Master Plan and its overall goal of economic sustainability.

Article 20 sets a tone for businesses that controlled growth is favorable. By allowing expedited review of minor projects, businesses can grow in Sudbury without lengthy permitting delays. The EDC feels that the Town needs to be more business-friendly, and streamlining the permitting process to alleviate onerous requirements for small projects will help attract and retain the retail and service industry businesses in Sudbury.

Article 40, to rezone 6 acres of land on Old County Road from residential zoning to Industrial zoning, is also a small step towards sustainability. The EDC feels that this site is appropriate for this type of use, and has the potential for bringing in additional revenue to the Town, without any educational costs that would be associated with the development if it were residential homes.

It is imperative that actions are taken to reduce our reliance on residential property taxes. Residents are urged to consider these proposals closely, keeping in mind the rising costs the Town has been incurring over the past few years.