Spray Schedule 2015

Published June 19, 2015 | East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project | Updated June 26, 2015 | Automatically Archived on 6/27/2015

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For the week beginning June 22nd, the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project is planning to use truck mounted aerosol sprayers to apply Sumithrin in North Reading, Reading, Wakefield and Framingham.  All spraying is done between dusk and 11:30.

On Monday, June 22, spraying is scheduled for neighborhoods of North Reading that are located between Haverhill St. and the border with Wilmington.

On Tuesday, June 23, spraying is planned for areas of Reading that are located  near Sanborne La., Franklin St., Van Norden Rd., Forest St., Grove St., High St. and Lowell St.  Spraying will also be done near West St. between Winslow Rd. and the Wilmington border and by Summer Ave. between King St. and Willow St.

On Wednesday, June 24, spraying is scheduled for areas of Wakefield that are located near Lowell St., Pleasant St., Vernon St., New Salem St., Butler St., Montrose Ave. and Water St.

On Thursday, June 25, spraying is scheduled for areas of Framingham that are located in the vicinity of Elm St., Bradford Rd., Joseph Rd., Danforth St., School St. and Springhill Rd.  Spraying will also be done in areas south of Waverly St. near Fay Rd., Bethany Rd., Winthrop St., Hollis St. and Irving St.