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How do I go about removing an Underground Storage Tank?

How do I go about removing an Underground Storage Tank?


Underground Storage Tanks are regulated by the fire prevention regulations known as 527 CMR 9.00

A permit is required from the Fire Department before a tank may be removed. The Fire Department will be on-site when the tank is removed from the ground to check for contamination and to ensure that all safety requirements to prevent a fire or explosion are being followed.

After a tank is removed the contractor must take a soil sample for analysis to confirm that the ground is not contaminated. Also, the tank must be disposed of at a licensed tank yard and a receipt for the tank disposal must be supplied to the Fire Department.

Sudbury has a bylaw that requires all Underground Storage Tanks (UST’s) to be removed when they are 25 years old or they must be tested each year for tightness.

For further information on UST’s, you may visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency Web page. Environmental Protection Agency

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