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Why does the fire engine come when I call for the ambulance?


The Sudbury Fire Department operates out of three stations; headquarters is on Route 27, Station 2 is on Route 20, and Station 3 is on Route 117.  When a call for medical assistance is received, the ambulance responds from headquarters with two men, and a fire engine from one of the outstations is dispatched as well for additional manpower.  Which engine is dispatched depends upon where the medical call is located.  This dispatch protocol assures a minimum of 4 men on a call, in addition to the shift supervisor in Car 3.

The fire engine at the non-responding station is also dispatched to cover headquarters so that another crew is centrally located and available to respond to subsequent calls.  Should a subsequent call be received, this covering company will be dispatched along with the original engine company at the first call once they are released.

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