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Historic Preservation Plan


December 22, 2022

| Historical Commission
| Automatically Archived on 1/6/2024

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The Town of Sudbury and its Historical Commission are pleased to announce the completion of a community-wide Historic Preservation Plan. The Historic Preservation Plan represents the completion a key Action Item from the Town of Sudbury’s Master Plan.

Preservation planning emphasizes the continued identification of the town’s historic resources, evaluation of their significance and integrity, and their protection through appropriate tools and techniques. The Historic Preservation Plan incorporates preservation planning concepts and methodologies into Sudbury’s long-term growth management strategies.

The Historical Commission engaged the services of a historic preservation consultant, Heritage Strategies, LLC, to work closely with the Historical Commission. Together, they spearheaded the development of the plan in conjunction with many interested stakeholders, including the Historic Districts Commission, Sudbury residents, and other interested parties. This initiative was funded using Community Preservation Act funds, as administered by the Community Preservation Committee, and a matching Survey and Planning grant from the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The Historic Preservation Plan was finalized in September of 2022.

Sections of the Plan

Table of Contents 

Chapter I Executive Summary

Chapter II Introduction

Chapter III Analysis

Chapter IV Recommendations

Chapter V Action Matrix

Appendix A

Complete Historic Preservation Plan (All Sections)