Sudbury, 1890-1989, 100 years in the Life of a Town (Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4

A Ride With Uncle Atherton Rogers

We children are sitting on the wooden steps of the Sudbury Town Hall this October morning of 1917, waiting for a special treat. Uncle Atherton Rogers has promised us a ride in his old Democrat wagon to show us the town as he remembered it sixty years ago when he was our age. Uncle Atherton is a successful businessman in Boston and has invested much of his wealth in the town. He lives in a big house called “Hilltops” on the hill behind the new Memorial Congregational Church in South Sudbury.

The sun is flashing from the weathervane of the First Parish Church which some people have said looks like Mrs. Loring’s bloomers hung out to dry, and the maples along the roadway are a riot of red and gold with streaks of green mixed in.


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