Sudbury’s 2016 Housing Production Plan Approved

The Housing Production Program (HPP) is a legislated set of regulations to assist municipalities in developing strategies to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the MGL Chapter 40B statute, and to produce housing units in accordance with that plan that demonstrate progress towards their affordable housing production.

By taking a proactive approach in the adoption of a HPP, cities and towns are much more likely to achieve both their affordable housing and community planning goals. HPPs give communities that are under the 10% threshold of Chapter 40B, but are making steady progress in producing affordable housing on an annual basis, more control over comprehensive permit applications for a specified period of time.

The 2016 Sudbury Housing Production Plan provides the framework for the housing program in Sudbury, and offers a comprehensive analysis for the benefit of the Town residents. The plan plays an important role in educating the community and providing data that will formulate future plans and strategies.

The plan was reviewed and adopted by the Planning Board (March 23, 2016), the Board of Selectmen (March 22, 2016) and approved by the state Department of Housing and Community Development (April 21, 2016).