Traversing our roadways safely…

Published May 11, 2005 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 9/30/2005

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At the request of one of our residents, we would like to take the opportunity to take a moment in addressing some safety concerns relative to walkers/joggers.

As we all know, many of the roadways throughout Sudbury are extremely narrow and/or do not have sidewalks. In traversing the roadways, walkers and joggers often do so two or three abreast while walking/running in the same direction as traffic. This leaves the pedestrians backs to vehicles they potentially may not become aware of.

It is suggested that walkers/joggers utilize the opposing lane of travel so they can see the oncoming traffic therefore allowing them to adjust appropriately and respond defensively if necessary.

Although not a panacea solution to ensure everyone’s well being, the aforementioned suggestion could be a factor to increase one’s safety level.