IMPORTANT message for those with non-Verizon phones

Published March 3, 2008 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 3/3/2008

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The Police Department has recently discovered a possible problem with residents who have non-Verizon phone numbers.  We have discovered that there are some issues with the 9-1-1 and Reverse 911 systems for people who have Internet Service Provider phone numbers (ie: Vonage, etc.).

In recent testing of the systems we have come across instances where ISP phone numbers DO NOT reach our system when dialing 911.  Instead the phones are being re-directed to State Police Barracks in other parts of the state or departments where you may have previously lived.  Also in the case of many of the ISP phone numbers, if they do reach us, the call back numbers are incorrect and we are unable to get through.

ISP’s do not use the Verizon equipment so are not in the Reverse 911 system at all.  When moving from one jurisdiction to another please ensure your provider has updated you information accordingly to ensure proper routing of 911 calls

If you have an ISP, or any other type of phone number that is NOT Verizon we would like you to please contact us so we can check it out.  Please call the business line at 978-443-1042 to set up a test call with the dispatcher to try the 911 system so we can check that first.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL 911 UNTIL you have spoken with the dispatcher. After that has been checked please call back and either speak with or leave a message for Carol Greenwood to have her check the Reverse 911 system for you, she will need your name, phone number, and address.