Breaking & Entering Suspect Apprehended

Published September 17, 2009 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 12/31/2009

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On 9-17-2009 at approximately 11:03 AM the Sudbury Police Department received a 911 call regarding a subject attempting to gain entry into a residence.  Several units responded to the area with dispatch providing a description over the radio.  Sergeant Grady of the Sudbury Police Department, who was working a DPW construction detail, monitored the transmissions and shortly thereafter observed a vehicle/individual matching the description.  He was able to stop the vehicle in the cul-de-sac of Bryant Drive in his personal vehicle.

The victim was transported to the scene where the subject and vehicle were positively identified.  Salvatori A. Diantonio of 1059 Main Street in Worcester, MA was placed under arrest for wanton destruction of property.  The ensuing investigation revealed the subject had actually entered the residence through a broken window and was subsequently charged..

While processing the first incident the Sudbury Police Department received a second report of a past breaking & entering where several pieces of jewelry were taken.  During the inventory search of Diantonio’s belongings several pieces of jewelry were located and later identified by the second victim as being hers.  As a result of this Diantonio will be additionally charged with breaking & entering into the residence as well as larceny over $250.  He was also found to be in possession of two credit cards belonging to a Waltham resident and will be charged with receiving stolen property.