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Published August 23, 2011 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 8/23/2012

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Sudbury public safety officials and Town administration are working to establish a combined Police and Fire Dispatch in the Police Station prior to June 30, 2012 in order to comply with new state regulations.  Currently Sudbury has two separate dispatch operations – one at the Police Station, the other at the Fire Headquarters, so this will involve moving the Fire Department dispatch operation from Fire Headquarters and putting it next to and becoming a part of a combined dispatch operation in the Police Station.  Following are the important points to further explain this effort.



Sudbury public safety officials have acknowledged for some time current dispatch services could be more efficiently delivered if they were combined in one building and run jointly.  In 2007 an article to build a new police headquarters was approved by Town Meeting which would have included the creation of a joint dispatch center in order to improve efficiency as well as provide enhanced services to the residents of Sudbury.  Sudbury voters did not approve the debt exemption to fund the proposed police station, and as a result the current dispatch operations remain in two separate buildings.


In 2010, the Sudbury Fire Chief, Police Chief and Town Manager successfully obtained a grant for $150,000 to study the feasibility of creating a Regional combined dispatch center, in cooperation with seven surrounding communities.  That study is ongoing, and the status will be covered in a separate report to you. 


For these reasons, Sudbury had not yet moved to creating a combined emergency dispatch in the existing Police Station.  New regulations now mandate that Sudbury must provide an enhanced level of emergency dispatch known as Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD).  To meet these regulations, we are moving forward with creating a combined emergency dispatch center in the existing Sudbury Police Station. 




As of July 1, 2012, as required by law, Sudbury Public Safety Dispatch must have a certified Emergency Medical Dispatch program in place.  This requirement was established by the State 911 department in 560 CMR 5.00that took effect July 1, 2011which in part reads:


“By July 1, 2012, and thereafter, each primary PSAP, regional PSAP, and RECC shall either: 1) provide EMD through certified emergency medical dispatchers at such PSAP or RECC; or 2) arrange for EMD to be provided through a certified EMD



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