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Published October 31, 2011 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 11/6/2011

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There are numerous outages throughout Sudbury. Please refrain from contacting the police department regarding power issues, particularly via 911, unless an emergency exists. This overburdens dispatch operations who are dealing with true emergencies.  There are multiple NStar crews working in town.  Current estimates are that power may not be restored fully to all Sudbury residents until Wednesday evening. The temperatures are expected to drop below freezing overnight which may exacerbate issues.

Various locations throughout town have roadways affected by trees partially in the roadway which have been taped, coned and/or barricaded off.  Please avoid these areas as they involve wires which may be live/hazardous. PLEASE do not remove the warning devices that have been put in place exposing residents to potential danger. Any trees that do not involve wires have been or will be cleared shortly by the DPW. We must wait for NStar for the remaining obstacles to be dealt with.

Click on the link below for current roads that are closed:,-71.417742&spn=0.02538,0.055575

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School got power back earlier this morning, 10-31-11.  Scott Carpenter indicated residents who need a place to warm up, use showers or charge electronic devices may use their facility.  The career center on the main floor of building A or the showers are located in the bottom of building B.  As well, the library and town hall can be utilized as charging stations or a place to warm up.  The Senior Center Shelter is now closed as all residents to this point have left.  If it is needed in the near future please contact Sudbury Fire HQ at (978) 443-2239.

All Sudbury Public Schools and Lincoln-Sudbury have resumed their regular school hours. 


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