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Published July 9, 2016 | Police Department | Automatically Archived on 7/31/2016

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July 9, 2016

We would like to thank the numerous residents who took the time to call, email or come by the police station to express their appreciation of the job we are tasked to do. Yesterday and continuing today, we had a stream of young children with their parents coming by with extremely touching cards, drawings and other mementos they took tremendous care in creating. I had my former Curtis Middle School Principal come by to express his thoughts and in his words, “Pass on the Love;” thank you. Residents from all demographics coming together to express their commitment to and appreciation of the Sudbury Police Department; for which we are grateful beyond words.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dallas Police Department, family/friends of the fallen and injured officers as well as the civilians who were injured. Our hearts are heavy following such a horrific attack and our condolences go out to all.

We remain committed to serve the Sudbury community with professionalism, respect and compassion. Again, thank you to all who shared their thoughts of appreciation and support.


With humbleness and appreciation,

The Sudbury Police Department