Another Storm! Update

Published March 13, 2018 | Police Department | Updated March 15, 2018 | Automatically Archived on 3/15/2018

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Update:  5:30:40 PM

Unfortunately the snow continues to fall heavily. Road conditions are poor at best as the DPW works to keep up with the rate of snow accumulating on the roadway. They are getting worn down but have continued their efforts for some time now. We have had a number of cars off the road as well as wires/trees down. Thank you to everyone who remained home and stayed off the roadways otherwise circumstances would have been worse. The impact to this point has been substantially less than the previous storm but is little consolation for those who remain without or are again without power.

Although we have not seen the need to open the shelter as this point, if you do require assistance please to not hesitate to call our Public Safety Dispatch Center at (978) 443-1042.

As well, below is a link for the Eversource website. If you lose power please make sure you notify Eversource via phone or website.

Update:  12:21:03 PM

Snow is building up and coming down with more intensity than this morning. DPW is doing their best to keep up which is a difficult task Traffic has been very light so we appreciate everyone staying home that can. More debris and wires have come down and we are keeping Eversource and the DPW updated. For those who have lost power please make sure you notify Eversource.

We have received a number of requests of how to update your contact information for Reverse 911 calls, emails and texts. There is a link on the Town website so you can establish an account providing an update as to preferences and directions were put on Facebook and will be put on the website. Thank you and stay safe!

Good morning. Yet another storm is upon us. For those that are able to stay home please do so. This is just the beginning with a long duration of snow fall combined with winds. Although the snow is a lighter, fluffier snow than last storm we remain concerned about trees, wires and utility poles being affected. If you power does go out please notify Eversource immediately at (800) 592-2000. If by chance you have internet service you can go to this link to report an outage as well as other options for notifications (

If you do need to travel today please leave an abundance of time and drive extremely carefully. Even though the storm has only begun we have had a couple of cars off the road. The Department of Public Works pretreated the main roads and began plowing operations some time ago. With the snow falling at a substantial rate it is difficult to keep up with.

The shelter is not currently open but if you need assistance please call the Public Safety Dispatch Center (978) 443-1042 or 911 in an emergency. Please be safe and let’s get through this storm!